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Marcus A. J. Chi
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Marcus A. J. Chi -

Marcus A. J. Chi has worked in the Financial Services (banking) and Corporate Finance sectors in senior management and Executive roles in 2 continents including Europe and Africa for over 16 years. He became one of the Chief Executive Officers at FINASDDEE in 2014.

Prior to becoming a Chief Executive Officer at FINASDDEE, Marcus A.J. Chi occupied various senior management roles in three banking and finance institutions between 2000 and 2014.

Marcus A.J. Chi’s career has largely been characterised by banking, microfinance, corporate finance, business planning, strategic planning, team leadership, strategic leadership, people management and executive leadership. Marcus A.J. Chi is highly proficient in the English and French languages and has a strong international exposure with broad knowledge and understanding of African and European markets and cultures. Marcus A.J. Chi has visited and done business in over 10 countries worldwide.

Marcus A.J. Chi holds an MBA in Finance from the Nottingham University Business School in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Banking and Finance.