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Project Viability Assessment
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Our banking, finance and investment experts assess and determine the viability of projects by embarking on a preliminary due diligence process so as to enable customers to make informed decisions before meeting investors specifically interested in their projects for fund raising purposes.

5 Reasons why you should let us assess the viability of your project

  1. Our team is made up of corporate finance professionals who are highly experienced, trained and qualified with regards to project financing including highly experienced bankers.
  2. Our preliminary due diligence process is robust and quite similar to that of venture capital houses and angel investors.
  3. We have a strong understanding of the expectations of venture capital houses and independent investors and banks with regards to project financing.
  4. We have built and continue to build sustainable relationships with venture capital houses, private equity firms and independent investors around the world.
  5. We offer services of very high professional standards at highly competitive rates.


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